As we reflect on the last year, it has been a year of growth and productivity. Many changes have occurred, and we thought a newsletter was in order to bring you up-to-date on our ministry to marriages and leadership groups. 2013 will be a harvest year as the growth that has taken place starts to multiply.

After several years operating as a non-profit organization, Winning At Relationships felt it would be better suited to turn the operation of small groups and retreats over to the local church by raising up leadership within the church to lead in these areas. Thus, Breakwater Coaching was formed as an LLC to support the local church by offering coaching services to support where needed.

We developed The Relationship Center at our home church – NorthRidge Church in Haines City, FL. The Relationship Center exists to offer small group support and events to the church to build relationships. In the last year The Relationship Center hosted the showing of the movie, Courageous, and offered small groups for Building Your Marriage, Effective Communication in Your Marriage, The Resolution for Men, The Resolution for Women, and Smart Stepfamilies. Couples came together to support one another in their relationships. Several couples have stepped up to lead these small groups, and they are continuing to grow in their faith and build strong relationships with one another. Our role is to continue to develop that leadership. We would love to see 2013 bring Relationship Centers to several area churches, continuing to offer these small groups to couples, strengthening their marriage relationships. Besides small group support, The Relationship Center will offer conferences to build strength in the area of marriage, leadership and financial wellness.

Meanwhile, Breakwater Coaching offers marriage coaching and leadership coaching to those couples who need help beyond the small group environment. In the last year Breakwater Coaching has hosted several couples for a Marriage 911 weekend intensive. The couple stays in our home for the weekend, and we offer a safe, confidential environment for the couple to unpack the issues in their relationship, and begin to define those areas where improvement is needed.

Besides the marriage intensives, Breakwater Coaching also offers coaching to couples who want to take their relationship to the next level. Couples come to us who are stuck in a communication rut, have lost their vision for their relationship, or cannot resolve conflict without help. We have had the privilege of coaching a few couples in pre-marriage, and we have also helped a couple renew their vows in their marriage that was very close to falling apart at a certain point in their past. We have watched God put their relationship back together and today they are thriving – and their children are benefitting greatly from their excellent choices.

This last year, Breakwater Coaching also offered personal growth groups, using John Maxwell material. These groups were offered both locally and online. The result was people felt like value had been added to their lives, and we helped them clarify and develop a personal vision. The participants have been asking for more growth groups.

2013 brings with it a lot of promise and new horizons for Breakwater Coaching. Since September of 2012, Cindy has been studying under the direction of the John Maxwell team. In February, Cindy will be attending the John Maxwell certification conference for coaching, speaking, and teaching. This affiliation has already opened doors for greater networking with people who have a similar vision for adding value to people’s lives and helping others build rich, rewarding relationships. David and Cindy have been invited to speak on an online radio station, and other speaking engagements are already in process.

Another addition to Breakwater Coaching is that of financial coaching. As we sought advice for our own personal and business affairs, we became aware that the Primerica Group has a group of financial coaches who are committed to helping people become financially free of debt, and live financially free according to God’s principles. After certification, Breakwater Coaching will also be able to offer these services to others. Since finances are currently the number one cause of divorce in America today, helping couples achieve their financial goals will serve to keep marriages intact and families financially healthy.

Thank you for taking the time to read this e-newsletter and let us share with you how Breakwater Coaching is evolving. If you know someone who could benefit from marriage coaching, leadership coaching in the local church, or financial coaching, please send them to us. We thank you for the business you have already sent our way.

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God bless you ……. may 2013 be the most prosperous, rewarding, and blessed year for you and your family!
Happy New Year